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OpsCraft Pro

In an era where uninterrupted service is paramount, OpsCraft emerges as your comprehensive 24/7 support partner. Merging sophisticated tech with seasoned expertise, it's tailored for businesses striving for excellence without the operational overhead. Powered by state-of-the-art platforms like Zendesk, Salesforce, and Datadog, ensures seamless L1 & L2 support, freeing you to zero in on core business ventures. Positioned perfectly for the modern business landscape, OpsCraft stands as a testament to proactive support, cultivating trust and ensuring your operations remain agile and customer-centric in every endeavor.
24/7 Operational Backbone: Outsource Your L1 & L2 Support to Us

Why We Stand Out in the Crowd


Ideal for businesses that want to outsource their L1 and L2 support activities to focus on their core operations.

Special Feature

Fully-integrated Customer & Technical Support Dashboard

Tech Stack

ZenDesk, Jira, Hubspot, O365, Google Workspace, Slack, Solarwinds, 

Your Journey With US

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1. Initial Assessment

A discussion to identify specific support needs and determine the type of assistance required - be it Technical, Customer Service, or both.

2. Solution Design

Receive a customized package tailored to match the requirements with the necessary technology, manpower, and protocols, all outlined in a proposal.

3. Training & Integration

Embark on an intensive onboarding journey where the OpsCraft team gets acquainted with the products, systems, and support protocols, ensuring alignment with the brand's essence.

4. Soft Launch & Feedback

Experience the initiation of support services and actively participate in the initial phase. Offer feedback and insights to refine the process.

5. Full-Fledged Launch

Relish uninterrupted L1 and L2 support. With OpsCraft's continuous assistance, never worry about downtimes or disruptions.

6. Performance Analysis

Receive performance reports detailing key metrics, incidents addressed, and invaluable customer feedback, fostering improvement.


Find out how our solutions can help your business succeed.

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